Cosmetic Surgery Insurance – What Type is Needed in 2020

Aesthetic operations are in fashion today more than ever. It should be noted that a significant percentage of these operations are performed by CQC qualified surgeons and of those operations, the most demanded is breast augmentation. These surgeons will typically need cosmetic insurance sometimes referred to as aesthetic insurance.

Still, it is not just women who submit to cosmetic surgery, but more and more men are deciding to go through the scalpel, although the percentage is still tiny compared to women. For them, the most common operation is liposuction, along with the so-called ‘eyelid surgery’.

The cost of cosmetic surgery is quite high, so not all pockets have access to it. Besides, it is not usually covered within Social Security and everything that has to do with more or less public health.

Neither by health policies. Still, there are certain exceptions in which health insurance will cover a part of this operation, or even take over the entire operation, this is done only if it is for medical problems. It is repair surgery.

There are several types of surgery, we are talking about cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery and repair surgery. These types are used interchangeably, although as we have said, it is not the same.

Plastic surgery is a medical speciality within surgery that is responsible for both repair and replacement of any part of the body, whether or not it affects the shape of the body or its motor function. Within plastic surgery there are two aspects, the first is cosmetic surgery, the second is repair surgery. The difference between the two possibilities is why it is practised.

Cosmetic surgery is practised on patients who are normally considered healthy, the only objective is to improve the physical appearance, along with alleviating the physical effects of ageing. These types of operations usually have a more psychological component because it helps to improve self-esteem at all times. So these types of operations are not covered within what is public health, only some private insurance and depending on the type of scale that is contracted.

On the other hand, there is the restorative surgery that is applied to correct all kinds of anomalies that the body can produce due to different reasons such as congenital problems, accidents or burns, among others. It is usually done to improve the person’s body capabilities, although there may be some exceptions.

This type of surgery is within the Public Health, there are even certain health insurances that also take it into account.

Each case that is treated is very different, so sometimes distinguishing what is cosmetic surgery from restorative surgery is complicated, so some operations may or may not be within public or private healthcare. With this, it should be borne in mind that certain insurers will not pay for the operation if the improvement is for a psychological purpose.