hearing loss

Iraq veteran able to become paramedic after donation to restore hearing

Darren Young, a veteran residing in Lancashire has received the opportunity of his life becoming a paramedic when hearing issue was restored The veteran who served overseas started to notice he had hearing problems for the first time 15 years ago while he was doing his first mission in Iraq with his regiment the Battalion of Lancaster´s Regiment. Young´s professional life has been affected thereby his personal life when the veteran was not able to listen to his fourth baby daughter first cry.

Darren explained the first moment he noticed his issue saying that during his service in Iraq his regiment was provided with personal radios for walking and driving around the zone but he was the only one who struggled to hear his team talking through the radio until one day after waking up he simply hear nothing on his right ear. Young also added that his experience was full of noise, surrounded by machinery, explosions, and people shouting every minute.

The veteran, who also spent his military career in Canada and Portugal, said that his personal life was affected when his daughter was born. He explained he could not listen to her daughter´s cry well which was a trigger that pushed him to look for a solution since losing such important moment was heartbreaking. In fact, Young left his career in the army in order to concentrate on his family and continue with his aspiration becoming a paramedic. The 38-year-old military spoke to his wife about his decision and aspiration for future which was fully supported by his wife who realized Darren´s dream.

With his resolution, Darren thought about his hearing struggles would be a big obstacle since becoming a paramedic requires a total awareness of patient necessities without losing any detail in order to maintain the person´s health. This revelation would take Darren to a digital hearing company “Hidden Hearing” located in the area of Lytham. Unfortunately, Darren was diagnosed with hearing loss not only on his right ear where he first thought but also on his left ear. Young was quoted with £3,000 only for basic hearing aids that will help him to solve his hearing problem leaving him with great sorrow since the special equipment was expensive for him.

Darren Young´s predicament called the attention of the expert Elaine Norris who works in “Hidden Hearing” who presented him to the committee as a nominated patient to receive free hearing devices for the company´s support for the “National Campaign for a Better Hearing” which goal is to increase the awareness of having a hearing test once a year. Norris explained that people should not ignore hearing loosing symptoms since it is a delicate situation that can compromise the patient´s sake adding, also that, having an annual test would prevent cases like Darren´s.

After a phone conversation with the audiologist, the Iraq veteran was able to pursue his dream after donation to restore hearing. In addition, the Iraq veteran invites people to get their free online hearing test‌in order to help other people to avoid heartbreaking experiences like his.