Types Of Screening Tests In Health

With health screening, you can find out if you are suffering from a disease or a medical condition. There is some disease that has no visible symptoms, and health mot is used to discover these conditions in you. You may experience less the complication and increase the chancing of success through timely medications and precautionary measures. Lest these diseases may lead to people to death, and they cannot find the condition in their life. Different types of tests come with varying fees.

We take the example of obesity. It is the medical conditions that are growing day by day and eventually plaguing the world population. If we check the measurement of the body we may correct it.

Basic health tests

The basic health checks are relatively simple and involve a physical examination by a professional. He may measure your height, weight, color vision and urine investigations. It may include:

  • Different types of blood tests, for blood count
  • Checking the sugar level
  • Cholesterol insights and it is level
  • Liver and kidney tests

You go for blood trial for blood counts which includes abnormal immune cells and irregular blood clotting insights. There is sugar level check for the screening of diabetics. Similarly, cholesterol, kidney function tests and liver tests are essential tests. You may check for sugar in urine and different types of infections.

Comprehensive health screening

It is a more advanced test than necessary tests. With the results of essential screening tests, if there are contradictory situation, you need to go for comprehensive screening most. You may use your blood test results, for more conditions and find the remedy.

  • Checking hormone levels
  • Cancer tests
  • Checking for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Hepatitis tests and screening
  • Blood group testing

Executive health screening

You may go for advanced tests at administrative health screening centers. You will have the facility of lesser waiting time, and there is designated appointment time slot. You will get all the tests in one place. There are physical examination facilities and doctors check you.  Blood investigation! Radiological tests are features of EHCs. These tests help you a fast screening of your body with a comprehensive series of tests. If you are a businessman with a busy schedule, this test will suit you. You find the report of complications in one place and go for specialized treatment.